Sassy Sunflower Half Pack kit-67
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Sassy Sunflower Half Pack kit-67

Each pack contains Five (5) Half-Yard cuts of fabric and is enough to make an entire quilt top, or the Tippy Tote!  

Your choice of one original Sassy Sunflower pattern is included with each half-pack purchase.  

Choose from:

  • Quick Strip-Finished Size 48x69"
  • Tumble Block-Finished Size 48x63"
  • Spin Me Round-Finished Size 50x58"
  • Picnic Basket-Finished Size 50x61"
  • Hashtag-Finished Size 51x61"
  • Window Pane-Finished Size 48x62"
  • Tippy Tote-Finished Size 15x20"
  • Candy Lane-Finished Size 48x58"
  • *NEW* Square Affair-Finished Size 50x59"

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